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About Me

Barnsley based artist Mark Evans is the creative behind Black Fire Studio. He uses pen and ink to comment on the political and to express his personal viewpoints.

Mark has done the usual stuff artists do to make these personal statements seem credible: he’s studied Art at College and University, entered several competitions and exhibited in numerous galleries. One day he hopes that his art will be seen as worthy, and more importantly for his children, have a financial value.

Mark is generally OK with the world as long as it does what it’s supposed to do and plays fair. However, on the numerous occasions where he has found the planet’s inhabitants to be nasty, unlikable and down-right cruel, he picks up his pens and makes a comment in visual form (because everyone loves a picture.)

He is open to taking commissions and, like every artist, loves an opportunity to engage in new projects as a way to improve and stretch his abilities. However, he prefers not to work on Sunday afternoons – not for religious reasons but because he likes to recharge his batteries and read the papers so he can be all disappointed for the coming week; his mind is always on the lookout for new ways to capture life in its many shades of grey because black and white it isn’t!